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Lets Introduce With Our Healthcare Heroes!

Lets Introduce with our healthcare heroes! It’s an Interview & Introduction campaign for doctors who practice in Bangladesh.

How To Start:

Take preparation where you sit, open your mobile camera, record your speech following these questions. After completion of your speech, please send the recorded video with some picture and short Biography (maximum 100 words) to dialmexyz@gmail.com

Use Languages:

Bengali or English and Both.

Instruction Note:

Your recorded video will be uploaded on DakterBari TV Channel and published in our social media platforms.

Please follow the maximum time-frame when you recorded your video. Answer these questions within 15 minutes. 

Find your questions:

Question 1: 
An introduction of yourself.

Question 2: What are your special areas of interest / expertise?

Question 3: How long have you been practicing?

Question 4 : What do you say about the biggest healthcare problems in Bangladesh and how can those be minimized / improved?

Question 5: Why is it necessary to consult with a medical specialist?

Question 6: How do you describe the role of digital healthcare platforms for the betterment of health sector?

Question 7: Do you think digital healthcare platform is a successful way to reach out to people?

Question 8: Any comments or make wish for dakterbari.com initiative!


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