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Online Healthcare services provider in Bangladesh, An Update 2020

Bangladesh is the world’s 8th largest population, near about 170 million people, 100 million of mobile subscribers. Bangladesh is one of the Asia’s largest consumer markets for mobile and digital offering. It’s therefore not surprising that most of Bangladesh’s healthcare and medical service providers focusing on the convergence of healthcare and mobility.

Most of healthcare services provider developing online doctor’s profile and appointment system, hospital, clinic, lab, diagnostics, pharmacy and maternity center directory, for instance, are working with patients to ensure better access to healthcare while developing health related content for mass people awareness building.

That could help mass people to access better treatment and medical services. It should also reduce the cost and hassle free for lot of people who need a better reference and general knowledge regarding healthcare. Like many other industries in Bangladesh, healthcare is on verge of change. It’s a big sector like ecommerce and has lots of opportunities to explore and make difference.

The good news for these online healthcare services provider is that there is a certain demand for such type of services in the market. Similarly, the big uncertainly is how long it will take to have the scale to make it viable business. Who succeed and sustained will be a function of many factors, from the product itself to consumer reaction, competition and how fast they can scale.

Here is the sampling of digital online healthcare services provider getting attention from insiders, many of which are still in very early stage.

29. DakterBari

DakterBari is a charity work-cum-social business that brings together doctors, hospitals/clinics and Patients. that we believe fulfills our mission channeling health and hygiene-related information on the digital world and healthy climate and lifestyle in Bangladesh. We are committed to providing credible and reliable health care information, support to the larger communities and in-depth reference materials about the health that matters to the Society.

To make healthful Bangladesh! DakterBari is committed to improving health eco-system, communication and will continue to publish even more content, communities, and services to help make your healthy life easy, to help you find your way when faced with healthcare decisions, and to help you feel better all about your health and that of your family.

28. DakterBhai

Daktarbhai is a groundbreaking initiative to facilitate the next generation of healthcare for Bangladesh. At Daktarbhai we offer an online based doctors’ appointment service with the facility of an electronic personal health record system, the first of its kind in our country, on both Web and Mobile app platforms. The state-of- the-art IT platform is designed to empower people to take charge of their own health using mHealth. The integration of health-care seekers with healthcare providers such as hospitals & doctors and subsequent discount offers under one umbrella provides a great opportunity for a paperless and cashless treatment process for every individual under the universal wellness program.

27. Jeeon

Jeeon connecting the dots for better rural healthcare, Jeeon’s goal is to bring quality primary healthcare to rural, underserved communities in Bangladesh. The telemedicine service uses a combination of local intermediary consultants and digital tools to give citizens affordable healthcare options, regardless of their location.

26. MayaApp

Maya’s app connects users  to subject matter experts, allow them to ask questions via SMS, Android app, or the web; users then receive their answers anonymously. Though not strictly healthcare-focused, the company mandates that 75% percent of questions must be health-related.

25. Healthprior21

HealthPrior21 is an online health portal and ecommerce website that offers health tips, news, drug indices, leading health products, and more. The portal also features a comprehensive medical ebook library with titles covering a myriad of topics, from dermatology to sports medicine.

24. BDHealthSolutions

The BdHealthSolution is owned and operated by a BdHealthSolution limited, a company incorporated in the Bangladesh with registration number. Details of our license and the result of our most recent inspection can be found on this page and the Bangladesh Health Commission.

23. DoctorKoi

DoctorKoi is an online healthcare service that features a database of doctors/hospitals, as well as medical enterprise resource planning (ERP) features for helping doctors streamline their practice: appointment schedule management, patient history tracking, and more.

22. AponJon

Aponjon is a mobile and SMS-based digital healthcare offering focused on expecting mothers and their babies. Designed for pregnant women, new mothers, and families, the service sends subscribers behavior change communication messages via mobile on a regular basis. One more life saved is one more step towards reduced child and maternal mortality.

21. Jolpie

Jolpie’s digital healthcare offering allows users to easily book appointments with qualified doctors and specialists. To date, the company has over 2000 verified doctors in their network and over 4,000 registered users.

Jolpie is complete healthcare platforms that mainly focus on consultations, medicines and health records. Jolpie is the trusted and familiar platform for thousands of patients where they know they will find healing touch. It connects them everything they need to take good care of themselves and their family - finding right doctors, consulting online, storing health records or exploring better way to live healthier. 

Healthcare providers can also utilize the power of Jolpie that helps them build their grow establishments and engage patients more deeply than ever.

20. CriticalLink

Critical Link is a Dhaka-based social enterprise that was one of the winners of the 2015 The World Summit Awards in Health. The organization aims to save lives by connecting trained, volunteer first responders to accidents and emergencies via its mobile app.

19. AugMedix

Based in Bangladesh and San Francisco, Augmedix focuses primarily on developing Google Glass-based, hands-free medical and healthcare solutions. The company currently supports doctors in over 30 U.S. states and has partnered with healthcare providers like Sutter Health, Dignity Health, TriHealth, to name a few.

We are on a mission to rehumanize the clinician-patient relationship, and address the largest pain point in the US healthcare system – the burden of documentation.

18. Telemedbd

Dhaka University telemedicine program is conducted by Department of Biomedical Physics and technology with the permission of the DG health, Bangladesh government. BMPT of Dhaka University with its mandate to enhance the quality of life of the common people through technology took the initiative for developing a telemedicine system with integrated diagnostic devices of international standard. This program is supported by Access to Information (A2I) program by People’s Republic of Bangladesh. It is a part of the commitment of us to improve the quality of life of the deprived people of the world through development and dissemination of affordable essential technology.

17. Tonic

Tonic is one of the first digital offerings in Bangladesh to address the full spectrum of health and wellness related needs through a joined-up, integrated service. By combining prevention-focused digital content, phone-based access to primary care, and tools to finance hospital care, Tonic serves as the gateway towards Universal Health Coverage (UHC) and helps “members” and their families make better choices across their health journeys. Tonic is a monthly subscription based service. There are various variants of Tonic subscriptions with differing monthly subscription fees and corresponding levels of benefits for members and their families. 

16. Doctorola

Doctorola Ltd. is Bangladesh’s first online doctor appointment service provider. We had the purpose of providing doctors appointment and schedule to those people who can not find doctor or feel the finding process difficult to do. For those people we have brought this as perfect solution. We made it easy so you can find any doctor online for appointment. You can make call to doctorola to get instant appointment. Our team is ready to help you on hotline service 24 hours, everyday. We can also schedule you with the nearest local doctor close to the place you live.

Doctorola’s target is to provide convenient doctor’s appointment service to every individual using latest technology.We want to provide appointment service and reach all remote corner of Bangladesh. When a kid with a smartphone books appointment online, They count that moment as our success.

15. CMED

CMED has developed an ecosystem of medical devices powered by a cloud-based health monitoring system. The company’s suite of integrated smart medical devices are connected and controlled via an accompanying mobile app, allowing for better security, data transmission, and security than traditional tele-health monitoring systems.

Bangladesh’s healthcare and medical startups are actively working to improve the access, cost, and quality of healthcare for all Bangladeshi citizens—be sure to keep these 11 startups on your radar in 2017 and beyond.

14. Findr 

Findr is an online directory of doctors or medical practitioners. The platform enables the users to search for a doctor by location or specialty. For each listing, the platform provides information regarding contact details, medical specialty, professional qualifications, among others.

13. DoctorsBD

Started in 2004, Doctorsbd is largely a doctors' directory and appointment management system. It also has blood donor database, hospital information, medical institute information, diagnostic center, clinics and kidney/eye bank. Patients can take appointments online to their desired doctors. There is an option to online consultation where a patient can submit problems to a selected doctor and get help within 24 hours.

According to Similar web data, it received 6.90K users in September, up from 2k previous month. DoctorsBd offers online consultancy, online appointments, news and doctor’s profile. 

12. HealthBeautyAid 

Health Beauty Aid is an online information portal featuring articles on general health tips, beauty tips, Skin care tips, healthy living tips, nutrition tips and so on. The company aims to show individuals how to maintain a healthy and beauty balanced happy life and provide information on natural home remedies for general health and skin disorders.

11. DhakaPharma

DhakaPharma is an online pharmacy store developed by Zaman IT. The online platform allows users to order prescription and OTC medications online. The platform also enables the user to upload his prescription and order medications. The company has not yet launched its services as of August 2017.

10. DIMS

DIMS is a mobile based Drug Information Management System which includes detailed prescribing information including Indications, Contraindications, Dosage & administrations, Side Effects, Precautions, therapeutic class and FDA pregnancy category of drugs available in Bangladesh. The pharmaceutical companies are using DIMS Gateway to update their products information on DIMS database.

9. PharmaQuik

PharmaQuik is an online pharmacy store. The platform allows users to order medicines and products including dietary supplements and multivitamins, personal medical devices, hygiene products, beauty and skincare products, etc. The user needs to upload their prescription for ordering medicines.

8. RxHealth

Rx Health is a provider of cloud-based hospital administration software for hospitals. Rx Health provides cloud-based practice management software for clinics. The features of the software are online management, patient record, outpatient management, inpatient management, follow-ups, prescriptions, blood bank, patient shifting, billing, store management, discharge management, payroll & HR management, and others.

7. Rx71

Rx71 promises to digitize healthcare. Founded by Tareq Hasan, Nizam Uddin, and Mehedi Hasan, the startup promises to offer 360-degree digital health platform.

While providing doctors and hospitals directory where you can find doctors and hospitals and make appointments, it is also building a huge platform of health related content in Bangla with a vision to help people living a healthy life by creating health awareness and educating people on health issues. The startup has also launched a mobile app recently. According to Similar web data, it received 8.50k users in Sepctember, an almost 40% decline from the previous month.

6. SeekMedCare

SeekMed.Care Developed in consultation with thought leaders and visionaries who want to bring quality care affordable and accessible to everyone through a combination of most qualified healthcare providers and innovative technology solutions. With SeekMed app, we aim to provide a user-friendly tele-medicine platform making it easier for patients from anywhere in the world to find and connect with India's highly rated top doctors of national & international repute.

Connect with doctors for first visit, second opinion or follow-up if you've questions on an existing medical condition, a possible surgery or a treatment. Few simple steps - Install the app, register as a patient, search for your trusted doctor & send request for appointment of India’s best doctor’s consultation facilities.

5. DoctorDekhao

Doctor Dekhao is a sister concern of Durbin Labs Ltd which is an innovative solution provider for web and mobile-based applications. We started our journey officially from 2014. Within a very short time, Durbin Labs Limited has become one of the fastest-growing Software Company in Bangladesh. Within a few years of its operations, Durbin Labs Ltd has carved a niche for itself in the IT industry and has increased its business by serving fortune 500 companies, government, and big corporates. Our solutions are built to focus on increasing operational efficiency to help have a better view of your business. A short but descriptive view of the business can help you to concentrate on developing more efficient strategies or on growing your business.

4. Telemedi

Telemedi.com.bd is the most easiest and effective appointment system to visit and get consult a doctor. Patients will get a follow up guideline using this app.

3. Emedi
Emedi.com.bd is a professional service company – with an independent pharmacy and direct links to pharmaceutical suppliers – providing delivery services to the public for medicine and other health care products. They provide a delivery service across Chittagong City for health care products

2. DigiHealth

DigiHeath Private Ltd is the flagship offering under the Yamuna Group of Companies which was founded in the year 1997. Yamuna Group, since its inception has become a pioneer in the healthcare industry.

DigiHeath known globally for our expertise, industry knowledge and thorough analytical skills which enable us to design and create solutions that address any challenge you are facing in the Healthcare Industry of today.

DigiHealth is on a quest to make an impact and improve the lives of millions.

1. Cliniva

Cliniva is a digital healthcare platform that improves clinical practice standard and bridges the gap between doctors and patients. There vision of a digital healthcare.

Cliniva system is people centric that improve the quality of life in general. We are on a mission of challenging ourselves to contribute to the ease of healthcare access utilizing ICT for a healthier and prosperous Bangladesh.

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