Dakterbari Doctor App Why Getting More Popular!

Dakterbari Doctor App

Basically, the Dakterbari doctor app has officially started its journey to provided advanced online healthcare services by using mobile technology. Today, on April 7, 2021, the Dakterbari doctor app publishes in the google play store.

Communication technology is being used the most in the healthcare sector of Bangladesh. The app will contact the doctor with the patients, you will get the name of the medicine from the prescription. The app will also have some more interesting & diverse information services. The Dakterbari started working with a conviction of building “Healthful Bangladesh”

Still confused about the Dakterbari Doctor App just check out on the Google play store


You can check out how to use Doctor App. Just watch this video before download and use the Doctor App Here

The Story of DakterBari

It was April 2020, when the COVID-19 Pandemic had spread all over the world. Caused many heartbreaking stories of the loss of families and friends exposed serious economic inequalities, and also jeopardized access to quality medication and Healthcare facilities. Observing the prevailing vulnerabilities and difficulties of the patients, healthcare-seekers, and healthcare providers, we launched a Facebook group called “DakterBari” (a Bengali word meaning “Doctor Home”) with the objective of bridging gaps and distance between physicians and patients by using mobile technology.

Several physicians volunteered to welcome our efforts and we tried our level best to connect more physicians for providing regular medical advice and telemedicine services to the patients during the COVID-19 situation. By using mobile technology, we would like to provide up-to-date information on the advice of specialist doctors and services, health information, health care centers, medicines, pharmaceutical companies, pharmacies, etc. to the common people of the country, especially in remote hilly and coastal areas.

What is Dakterbari Doctor App?

In DakterBari, they have 02 (Two) app. 1. For Doctor and 2. For Patient/user App.

1. Dakterbari Doctors App for Digital Hospital
Doctors can easily register on our app, it’s totally ‘’FREE” and are able to make both chamber & video consultation by using our app. It works in some steps:

2. Dakterbari Patients App for Digital Hospital
Patients can easily register on our app, it’s totally ‘’FREE” and are able to take consultation from our verified doctors. Consultation is available for the app user and their family members. It works in some steps: – Search for your doctor by specialty and make payment online and pay the fees required by the doctor – Doctor makes a video call to do the consultation – Doctor uploads prescription and you get it.

For video consultation, please confirm you have WhatsApp

Dakterbari Doctor App Feathers:

  1. A doctor can Sign up & create a profile.
  2. Access to create own chamber schedule
  3. Create your own patient’s prescription
  4. Free access to Drug/Medicine information
  5. Publish your own Article, Seminars, workshops, etc.
  6. Ability to answer to the health forum & Lead patients
  7. Receive patient in a chamber through an appointment
  8. Free access to practice on video consultation/telemedicine
  9. Receive your own professional reviews and build a carrier path
  10. For video consultation, please confirm you have WhatsApp.

DIMS in Dakterbari Doctor App

DIMS in Dakterbari Doctor App

The Pharmaceutical Company Continuously Gives The Effort To Present Their Product pieces of information To The Doctor And Healthcare Professional. DIMS Could Be An Excellent Promotional Tool For Them. They Will Be Able To Reach A Vast Number Of Doctors Quickly & Easily With Their Product Information. We Can Say, ‘That Will Happen So Dynamically That Could Never Be Seen Before.

In the Dakterbari Doctor App, DIMS (Drug Information management System) database is the most up-to-date and comprehensive source of locally approved drug information. Renowned as the hallmark of drug information excellence, DIMS serves medical and pharmaceutical professionals in Bangladesh. The resources have been provided to help narrow your search to specific, targeted drug information. Information is available for both consumers and healthcare professionals prescription and over the counter medicines available primarily in Bangladesh for provides A-Z Patient Advice for the professional.


Dakterbari is a technology-based social enterprise in the health sector. We call upon all concerns in the health sector to come forward to take this social health initiative. How can you help? Please select a topic below related to your interest.

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DakterBari (A Bengali word meaning “Doctor Home”) is a flagship charity-cum-social business under Dialme Limited, aimed at building a healthful Bangladesh and improving the health ecosystem by using mobile technology.