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Greetings from the DakterBari.Com

DakterBari is a charity work-cum-social business that brings together doctors, hospitals/clinics and Patients. It's has created an organization (Society for Integrated Voluntary Affairs Reg. No. S-6083(327)/06) that we believe fulfills our mission channeling health and hygiene-related information on the digital world and healthy climate and lifestyle in Bangladesh. We are committed to providing credible and reliable health care information, support to the larger communities and in-depth reference materials about the health that matters to the Society.

DakterBari believes in the government firm development-pledge that will work for the people, by the people in achieving the vision 2041. We want to build open-source Healthcare Ecosystem, Health Information, Education, Technology and organize a Network of people dedicated to making Government & Private Sectors health services simple, effective, acessable and Handy.

We are a one-year-old startup non-profit with a great culture and a huge opportunity to make a difference. We work collaboratively and strive to learn from everything we do. We respect each other, work hard, and have a great time together. We’re Looking for Individuals who share our mission, vision, our values, and our willingness to do what it takes to achieve an ambitious mission over the next few years.

Dakterbari is a great source of availing timely health information as well as materials from around the World and blog written by some professional doctors, expert Journalists, experienced & well-known content creator, community services, expert commentary, and doctor’s profile, doctor’s appointment, chat with a doctor, health directory, telemedicine, health insurance information, hospital tourism, health communication, health forum, etc to give our valued users a variety of ways to find what they are looking for. We pride ourselves in knowing our audience's needs and delivering the most appropriate experience. And that, we believe, requires dedicated, full- time staff professionals with state-of-the-art expertise in:

Hospital/Clinic/Diagnostic/Lab/Pharmacy Directory
। Doctor Profile  Creating and maintaining PHR Up-to-date medical Databases । Medical imagery, graphics, and animation Live web events Free Friday Clinic User Experience feedbackInteractive tools Health Junction/Blog । Sponsor's Discount Shop । Telemedicine । e-Prescription । Doctors, Patient’s, Sponsor’s, Members of Communities 

To make healthful Bangladesh! DakterBari is committed to improving health eco-system, communication and will continue to publish even more content, communities, and services to help make your healthy life easy, to help you find your way when faced with healthcare decisions, and to help you feel better all about your health and that of your family.

Mission, Vision:

Our mission is to fulfill all these needs in the most appropriate ways possible.
To recognized as the first choice for health information, education, and social business network within Bangladesh and throughout the South Asia region.


∅ Networking and partnership development.
 To do what we say we are going to do.
 To be a leader through taking ownership and communicating.
 Pride in the company and the contribution it makes to the country.
 To work for each other, celebrating success and constantly striving for improvement.


On this website, all information is for educational & social purposes only and not a substitute for professional health services. See a medical professional for a personalized consultation. Once you ask questions on The Forum/Chat Box, Professional doctor or our team generally reply within 24--48 Hours. You can also Contact Us at dialmexyz@Gmail.Com, however, try as we might our site Is No Substitute for a Medical Emergency. In an emergency call your local Hospital. Please read our Disclaimer Policy.