• Create your patient profile on Dakterbari patient app
  • Full access to the doctor’s directory
  • Take appointment from doctor’s schedule
  • Consult with doctor’s through video call/telemedicine
  • Receive & storage your own prescription
  • For video consultation, please confirm you have WhatsApp in Mobile Phone
patient app find doctor
patient app find doctor

Additional App Feathers:

  • Ask a question on the health forum
  • Write your reviews on your doctor’s profile
  • Ability to access free health insurance
  • Ability to access FREE Friday Clinic
  • Apply to take e-Loan
  • For video consultation, please confirm you have WhatsApp 
  • And Read FAQs

Download Patient App Find Doctor

Dakterbari Patient App available for Android, Iphone and Windows Phone.Also available on the Amazone App Store and Gallery App Store.