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About DakterBari

DakterBari (A Bengali word that means “Doctor Home”) is a flagship charity-cum- social business under Dialme Limited, aimed at building a healthful Bangladesh and improving the health ecosystem by using mobile technology.

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How does it Works

1. Doctors App
Doctors can easily register on our app, it’s totally ‘’FREE” and are able to make both chamber & video consultation from by using our app. It works in some steps.

How does it Works

2. Patient/user App
Patients can easily register on our app, it’s totally ‘’FREE” and are able to take consultation from our verified doctors. Consultation is available for the app user and their family members. It works in some steps: – Search for your doctor by specialty and make payment online and pay the fees required by the doctor – Doctor makes a video call to do the consultation – Doctor uploads prescription and patients can download it


Frequently Asked Questions

DakterBari (A Bengali word that means “Doctor Home”) is a flagship charity-cum- social business under Dialme Limited, aimed at building a healthful Bangladesh and improving the health ecosystem by using mobile technology.

DakterBari is a virtual healthcare platform that provides various channels to contact doctors such as posting as a health query or booking a slot for real-time face-to-face consultation over HD video and phone (it will be a private/ secure call back). One can use our service to consult with highly qualified physicians at the comfort of one’s home. Besides, we will provide information about hospitals, medical institutes, blood donors, clinics, diagnostic centers, etc. & eventually will deliver medical products at the doorstep. DakterBari aims to provide digital healthcare solutions for all through its various windows of services.

The service is available 24/7 from anywhere.

It works just like any other general health app. There are two apps in Google Play & IOS store depending on the user. 1. For Doctor and 2. For Patients.

For Doctor App: 

The doctor/physician can easily download & register on the Doctor app, it’s totally ‘’FREE” and Doctor is able to make both chamber & telemedicine/ video consultation service. It works in some steps.

Doctor profile
(Name & Picture/About Doctor/Contact Address/WhatsApp/Number/Education/Specialties/BMDC No/ Service and FAQs)
Doctors Chamber Schedule
(Medical/Clinic/Pharmacy/Location Address/Details Time/Fees)
Patients Appointment
(In Chamber and Telemedicine/Video Consultation)
Telemedicine Service
DIMS/Drug Information Management system
Interact with Patient in Health Forum
Patient Follow-up Management
Doctors Health Blog
Patients Reviews 

For Patients App:

Patients can easily download & register on the patients’ app, it’s totally ‘’FREE.” Patients are able to take doctor chamber schedules, telemedicine service from onboard verified doctors. A Patients can use it for their family members also. It works in some steps and many more feathers in the patient’s app.

Patients Profile
Family Members
Get Doctors Appointment
Consult with doctor through WhatsApp
Patient health record
Ask question in Health Forum
Patient Follow-up Management
Chat with Doctor Online & report overview
Read Doctors Health Blog
Find Hospital/Clinic/Lab/Diagnostic & Pharmacy
Write your review for Doctor Service
Sponsors discount shop for members only

Only certified MBBS doctors can provide consultation via the Doctors app. 

Yes, all our panel of doctors is verified. We verify their registration with BMDC, we also check doctors’ national id/passport with pictures to make sure the qualified doctors are getting registered.

Doctors are available according to their time availability. Our platform is available 24/7. Any doctor can come online at any time if they want.

Yes, certainly, you can select any doctor who is registered in our DaktrBari platform. When you search for a doctor, we will show you all doctors available for your selected specialty. You can filter/sort by price and other parameters. When you find the doctor you want to get a consultation with, you can choose that doctor to get a consultation.

This varies from doctor to doctor. Different doctors have different fees. When you search for a doctor we will show you their fees. Some doctors may be free available for consultation free of charge if they want to.

You can make payment online using Nagad, Bkash, Rocket, Debit card, Credit card.

YES or NO, if any doctor wants they can set their fess to 0. In this case the consultation will be free of charge. You will be able to see the doctor's fee in the doctor's search result or doctor's profile.

If you decides not to get the consultation before the doctor dial you in, we will refund you the money by Bkash. We will deduct up to 7.5% payment processing fee. The refund may take up to 15 working days.

Yes, we use 256 bit encryption for the video consultation. We also store all your information securely in our servers.

If possible get the following ready: – Thermometer / temperature – Torch light / mobile phone light – Blood pressure / heart rate machine – If you have diabetics, get glucometer – Your weight – Any other instrument that may make the consultation easy.

As soon as the consultation is finished, the doctor will write and upload the prescription on the app. Once the doctor uploads the prescription, you will be able to download it immediately. You will also be able to download the prescription from your previous consultation menu.

The doctor will let you know immediately if your problem cannot be treated over video call. The doctor will guide you to the right direction if it's possible. In this case, you will not get any refund for the payment you have made.

Yes, we plan to get some doctors from the INDIA, CHINA, UK and Singapore on our app for consultation.

Yes, you can get consultation from anywhere in the world using our app or web service.

DakterBari verifies each doctor. Every patient needs to make sure on video call that the profile picture is matching with the doctor on the video call.

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